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As one thermally efficient uPVC Window closes, another uPVC Window opens! That’s the saying right? Anyway, whatever the case, we have some news!

We will be saying goodbye to our Euro (or Zendow) window and door profile with the last frames in this system already on the production line. But, as the sun sets on this system which has been the work horse of Ultimate Windows since we started with uPVC over 12 years ago, we are more than excited to introduce the new system.

Introducing ART!

Our new 70mm uPVC window profile system provides some improvements to the Zendow system and a more contemporary look for the modern home.

With a higher rating for thermal performance and a wider glazing rebate the Art system provides greater flexibility and performance when planning your project. The Art system will bring both comfort and performance to your home. With exceptional insulation properties in the material and 5 insulating chambers in the profile, the Art system provides exceptional insulation from the outside temperature and gives the added benefit of shielding against the noise of the outside world.

Not only does the Art system provide insulation against the temperature and noise of the world outside. It provides a much-needed boost to energy ratings helping builders and owners get their home closer to the required 7-star energy rating while also providing a more sustainable low maintenance option for your home’s windows and doors. The material stands the test of time and at the end of its life the material is 100% recyclable.

We have a wide range of colour options to choose from which can be found here. This range accompanied by our many options for installations, the Art system provides a versatile, efficient, and high-performing option for your windows and doors. Available in Casement, Awning, Tilt & Turn, Tilt-In and Hinged Door systems there is a solution for all projects and home applications.

Keep your eye on our website and social media for more info as we can get it out to you. If you would like to find out more about how Art can change your home or enhance your new build get in touch with our team. Head to our contact page to get in touch here.

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