Windows installation

Window Installation Guidelines

Below are download links to our guides and guides written by the Australian Window Association.  To comply with warranty, we require all window installation to be installed as per these guidelines.

Caring for windows during construction

Installation Guidelines

For uPVC windows and doors we required screw fixings with hardened plastic packing a minimum of 450mm centres to all sides and to 300mm centres for hinged side sashes.

All doors or windows on a floor (eg slab) requires continuous support beneath the sill (eg timber, steel or aluminium)

AGWA Installation Guide

FIXING An Industry Guide to the Correct Fixing of Windows and Doors – v2

For electric winders, please see our link

For our techincal manuals on each system, please see our link

Legend System Technical Manual

Lift and Slide Manual

Zendow Technical Manual

Zendow Fabrication Manual

Sliding Technical Manual

Sliding Fabrication Manual

A Double Glazed Window Installation to be Proud of

At Ultimate Windows, all our products are carefully made from the best quality uPVC and glass panels and are expertly installed to fit perfectly. The outcome is a set of windows that look great now and for many years to come, keep you comfortable in all types of weather and save on your energy bills.

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Probably the most common and popular window type is a casement window that opens outwards with a combination of top and side openers as well as fixed panes. These are particularly suited to modern homes and give a fresh and clean appearance.

If you want something a little different, go for a sliding sash window that’s more suited to a traditional style of house. A further alternative is a tilt and turn window that is particularly suitable for large openings. This type of window can be partially opened from the top to allow ventilation or can be fully opened by swinging inwards on side hinges for easy cleaning.

We can fit bay or bow windows, those suitable for cottage style properties, various styles and colours, including wood effect, with the possible addition of complementary shutters that will deliver exactly the look you want. That’s because every double glazed window installation is specifically designed and custom made for each location.

Benefits of Less Condensation from Double Glazed Window Installation in Melbourne

If you’ve never dealt with condensation-related issues before, count yourself lucky! We have customers who came to us purely because of it seeking Melbourne double glazed window installation. Excessive condensation can cause anything from persistent nuisances to incredibly expensive structural damage, and it’s something no homeowner looks forward to dealing with. Our Australian double-glazed windows save you from having to deal with that nightmare on a regular basis. For this reason, our Melbourne double glazing services have become extremely sought after.

When you have persistent condensation on your windows, all that water has to go somewhere. It doesn’t simply evaporate; a lot of it accumulates under and around your windows. Eventually, that water turns into a ripe breeding ground for mould and mildew, which most homeowners are probably familiar with. Mould can be little more than an ugly annoyance when it sits under the windows around your house, visible to you and any guests. Meanwhile, mildew can leave behind its signature unpleasant smell, which seems to never go away once you let it settle in.

How can you get in touch to find out more about glazed window Installation in Melbourne?

We always love to hear from new and old customers so should you want to ask us a question, get a quote or find out more about our window systems, we are here to help you.

Give a member of our team a call today on 02 6059 2577 or speak to our director on 0448 466 086. If emailing is more convenient for you, then you will reach us on

The team here at Ultimate Windows are ready to help you find the best replacement windows that will last you a lifetime.

Ultimate Windows is Australia’s leading supplier of uPVC window. We specialise in Triple Glazed Doors Melbourne, UPVC Windows Canberra and UPVC Windows Melbourne. Feel free to have a quote online and order yours today!

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Square Set Clips

Below are images of how to fix the aluminium square set plaster clips.

Ultimate Windows will supply all fixings and clips loose to the frames

For Tilt and Turn, Tilt and Slide, Fixed, Awning, Casement and Hinged Doors (we call this system Zendow) the below method of fixing is used:

For sliding doors and windows, the below fixing method must be used:

Installation Guideline Videos

Helpful videos to assist in the installation of uPVC window frames.

uPVC into Lightweight Cladding

Aluminium installation is detailed below, however the installation process of revealed windows remains very similar:

Tape and Expansion Foam for Energy Efficiency

We recommend the use of tapes and foam expansion tapes to create a tight seal around your energy-efficient windows:

Lift & Slide Door Fixing (coverplate removal)

If fixing through the uPVC frame of the Lift & Slide door the cover plates will need to be removed, see the video below for instructions:

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