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Features and Benefits of UPVC in Geelong

Whilst old-style wooden windows can look great and add character to a property, they do have plenty of failings. They need a lot of maintenance, requiring regular painting or staining to keep them looking good and in the best condition. If you fail to do that properly, the wood will swell as it absorbs moisture and shrink when it dries out, resulting in gaps around the frame, cracking and peeling paint and eventually rot that will destroy the window.

The modern solution is to install UPVC windows in Geelong that are lightweight, available in a range of colours and require virtually no maintenance. They’re relatively inexpensive, last a very long time and are therefore a much more efficient alternative to wood.

Replacing your out-dated windows with new UPVC versions has numerous benefits that will prove cost-effective in the long term. They:

  • improve the appearance of your property with clean and fresh-looking frames that will also add to its value
  • keep your property cool in summer and warm in winter, making you more comfortable and reducing energy costs
  • eliminate the draughts that are caused by poorly fitting or failing frames
  • require no maintenance, other than the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

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Every PVC window for Geelong is available in a variety of styles so you can choose the one you prefer or that best suits your property:

  • casement windows are the most common style, opening outwards and generally with side hinges although top or bottom hinged varieties are also possible
  • sash windows are particularly suitable for older properties and feature top and bottom sections that slide down or up, counter-balanced by weights or pre-tensioned springs
  • tilt and turn windows are relatively modern and have two opening methods — regular casement style with side hinges or tilting back into the room
  • French windows are effectively pairs of casement windows and can be available in larger sizes as French doors.
  • UV stable tropical mix uPVC windows specifically for Australian conditions

How Double Glazing your Windows in Geelong can help

Windows are necessary to let natural light into a building and, when opened in summer, to allow in cooling breezes. But they can also be a source of heat loss and solar gain so you really need double glazed windows Geelong, which provides a number of benefits:

  • enhanced appearance with bright white UPVC frames or different colours that blend in with your property; choose the style you want for a whole new look
  • no more draughty or sticking windows caused by badly fitting frames that have warped or rotted due to age
  • maintenance-free frames with no need for painting, staining or waterproofing
  • reduced solar gain leads to greater comfort and lower air conditioning costs
  • less heat loss in winter so that heating needs are reduced
  • more environmentally friendly due to reduced emissions from air conditioning and heating
  • improved comfort generally due to a more stable temperature throughout the year
  • better security since double glazing with safety glass is more difficult to break and so deters intruders as well as providing protection against storm damage and the danger of flying glass
  • a quieter environment since double-glazed windows can reduce external noise significantly due to the gas layer between the glass panes disrupting vibrations; this is in contrast to single glazing where the glass pane vibrates under pressure.

Cost-effective Double Glazed Window Solutions in Geelong

Wood framed windows with single glazing can, if not maintained properly and regularly, have a relatively short life. If the windows are difficult to open or close, if draughts are coming through the frames, or if your property is noisy, uncomfortably warm or cold and your energy bills are getting out of hand, it’s time to upgrade.

Installing our made-to-measure UPVC double glazed windows will give a new appearance to your property as well as significantly improving your comfort and security. Get in touch with us for double glazed windows in Geelong

Your Double-Glazed Windows in Geelong Will Pay for Themselves

There’s no specific requirement for your new windows to be useful, either; from the moment they’re installed, your Geelong windows and doors are saving you money. The window double glazing on our glass panels functions as an extremely efficient two-way insulation: It keeps heat out during warmer weather and keeps heat in during colder weather. Our glass panels have a remarkably low U-value, which means that they transfer heat extremely slowly, whether that’s in or out. In other words, with our energy efficiency windows you need less help from your electrical appliances to heat or cool your home.

In the summer, your upvc double glazed windows prevent heat from trickling in, which makes your air conditioning more effective. Meanwhile, in the winter, heat doesn’t transfer through the glass and outdoors nearly as fast, which reduces the energy required from your heating. Our panels also don’t get quite as cold as traditional glass during cold weather, which means that air doesn’t lose heat as it travels past the panels. In other words, whatever weather you’re in, your Geelong double-glazed windows are saving you money on your electrical bills, indefinitely.

Double Glazing Existing Windows in Geelong? No Problem!

Of course, you might like the style of windows you already have in your home. You might have beautifully designed windows that you don’t want to replace while still wanting all the benefits that come with our double- or triple-glazing. That’s no problem for us – we can simply double-glaze the existing windows you have in Geelong. That involves adding a second, identical layer of glass with a layer of gas between the two, which drastically slows down heat loss. As seasoned professionals in the window industry, we can definitely mimic the style of the Geelong double-glazed windows you already have to make sure you get cutting-edge windows without losing the classic charm you’re trying to preserve.

It’s as easy as calling us here at Ultimate Windows to request a quote. The quote is free, and more importantly, it’s reliable. You’ll never pay a single cent more than the quote states. Don’t wait: Electrical bills are only going to keep increasing, and the weather’s only getting crazier.

Whatever the Style, Get the Best UPVC Windows in Geelong

Although UPVC is the best choice for window frames due to the numerous benefits, you still need to choose carefully. If the frames are badly made from poor quality materials and are not installed correctly, the likelihood is that they will eventually warp, discolour and not give the long life that you expect.

You can buy our UPVC windows Geelong online and be assured that every one is carefully made from the best quality materials and undergoes extensive quality control processes to ensure it meets our high standards. They’re all made to measure and installed by our experienced teams so you can be sure they’ll fit perfectly and give no problems.

All our UPVC windows including double glazed sliding windows, sliding doors Canberra, and energy efficient windows Melbourne are available in a variety of colours and in a style you choose, with clear, obscure or patterned glass for character or practicality. The glass is internally beaded so it can’t be removed from the outside and we include multi-point locks for added security.

With our windows, you’ll have reduced emissions and lower energy costs, a more comfortable home and no more time-consuming maintenance. You’ll have no sticking windows, no annoying draughts and a home that looks fresher. Contact us and we’ll make it happen.

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If You Want the Best Windows And Doors in Geelong, Get a FREE Measure and Quote

We’re fairly sure that by now, you would want to take a closer look at our operation, and we’d be delighted if we’re in consideration for supplying your windows and doors in Geelong. If this is the case, then we would recommend your next step to be a simple form filling here on the website. Give us your contact details and we’ll call you to arrange a FREE measure and Quote, completely without any obligation and at your convenience. Drop us a line today and let’s get you informed with a professional quote. Alternatively, you can email us our contact details at sales@ultimatewindows.com.au

Hear Why Clients Love Our uPVC Windows And Doors

Really happy with our new windows from Ultimate Windows. The customer service was efficient and kept us informed every step of the way. The quality of the windows and installation is also fantastic. Definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in getting their windows double glazed.

- Santa Strudley

The team at ultimate windows are easy to deal with and super friendly and efficient. Very happy with our new windows. Would recommend time and time again!

- Leana Clark

Ultimate Windows did a fantastic job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of replacing their windows. A huge thank you to Russell, Richard and Damian for making this process smooth and painless.

- Louise H

We chose Ultimate for the works which gave an affordable price, for a first-class product and would recommend them to anyone building or renovating

- Nicola and Craig Matthews

Thankyou so much for our beautiful double glazed windows, they really are a stand out feature in our dream home, we honestly have 100% satisfaction with your product and we always recomend you to our friends and colleagues.

- James McAuliffe

From the beginning to the end the experience was stress free, you and your team were always happy to assist with any questions we had and provided the quote and the delivery of the windows in the timeframe that was promised. We have been extremely happy with the quality of the windows and sliding doors. We have also had compliments from family and friends on how great the windows and sliding doors are.

- Ana and Ivan

We were delighted with the service provided by Ultimate Windows, from quote to installation they were easy to deal with and extremely professional in their delivery. We are thrilled with our new windows – they look great and make such a difference to temperature and noise. I would highly recommend their services.

- Martha

I recently contacted Ultimate Windows to get some professional advice on door styles. The process from start to finish was very straight forward with the wonderful service the Ultimate Windows team provided. The installation of the Magnaline Door happened quickly and we haven’t looked back. The finished product has transformed a tired space to an open and more live able area. We love love it.

- Cheryl

We would like to thank the great team you sent install our windows.
On time, polite and professional. Left the place nice and clean. Very happy with their work.

- Phil & Fiona

We are beyond thrilled with our new windows from Ultimate Windows. Undergoing major structural renovations to our home they provided assistance every step of the way, from planning & design concept to delivery including huge cranes, installation and exceptional after care service. The whole process was extremely easy and professional. They are brilliant to deal with, super friendly and efficient. We are overwhelmed with the quality, innovative design & technology of the uPVC systems. They have reduced our power bills & north facing, we have significantly noticed the difference both in summer & winter, including noise reduction. We highly recommend Ultimate Windows & would certainly go with them again.

- Nicole

Bianca & Dennis

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We’re so confident in the performance of our uPVC double glazed windows that we’re willing to back them with our ironclad 100% ‘No Worries’ Guarantee. In fact, while most other double glazing companies will only cover you for 5 years (that’s the Australian Window Association’s recommendation) we’ll add an additional 7 YEARS to it! That’s right. If you have any problems whatsoever with your windows in the next 12-years, we’ll fix it for FREE!

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We pride ourselves on offering our clients a clear and precise price breakdown for all windows and doors – so you know exactly how much it will cost. You will never experience any nasty surprises or hidden fees with Ultimate Windows. That’s our promise to you.

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