Types of Window Glass for Homes (2023)

Choosing the right glass for your home isn’t always easy, there are many types of glazing available. These glazing options have different properties, costs and benefits so it’s important you choose the most suitable one for your application.

The Different Types of Glass for Windows

The main types of glass are:

  • Float glass is the most basic type. It is made by allowing molten glass to cool in a mould to form glass panels, although these don’t have great strength and can break into large, sharp pieces.
  • Toughened glass is float glass that is cooled rapidly to make it stronger and more difficult to break. It cannot be cut once made so must be ordered to the exact size needed.
  • Laminated glass comprises two sheets of glass bonded with an intervening layer of PVB resin that prevents a window from shattering.
  • Obscured glass incorporates a pattern that partially obscures anything on the other side of the glass.
  • Insulated glass (orIGU’s) have a number of panels, either for Australian double glazed windows or triple glazed windows in Melbourne, with a layer of insulating gas between usually Argon. These are spaced apart using a spacer and sealed to keep the gas in.
  • Low-E glass blocks solar heat, UV rays and infrared light from the sun and helps to prevent skin damage and the fading of furniture and flooring. It also assists in reducing the heat gained through the glass.

Using Different Glass Types

Float glass is the most basic and cheapest but can be dangerous in certain situations due to its tendency to shatter into large shards. Australian Standard AS1288 limits the size and placement of panels that can be used so higher performance types may be needed.

Toughened or laminated glass is often referred to as safety glass and building regulations generally require it to be used in glass doors and side panels, lowlight panels and for wet areas in bathrooms. Laminated glass is often used where noise insulation is needed as it can be specifically manufactured with sound dampening properties.

Obscured or frosted glass is perfect where you need privacy, typically bathroom windows, and may be required in windows that overlook other properties depending on the bi-laws or covenants in your build area.

Insulated glass is becoming more common in many homes, either in double glazed or triple glazed form, this provides more energy-efficient glass that reduce heat flow and thermal conductivity through the glass. Then when coupled with energy-efficient window frames and Low-E coatings can significantly impact the energy rating of your home.

The Benefits of the Right Glass Types for Windows

All glass types will provide some benefits over basic Frosted glass, although this is the cheapest and is suitable for many purposes and can be incorporated into double glazed and tripleglazed panels. Toughened and laminated glass give great strength and are essential when safety is the main priority since they won’t shatter into dangerous shards and can be used for larger openings.

Insulated glass is best for adding thermal resistance to your windows, double glazing or triple glazed windows in Melbourne using low-E-glass is likely to be the most effective in saving energy, reducing noise levels, and limiting UV radiation and infrared light that fades furniture, providing the best return on your investment.

Types of Window Tint for Home Use

Although obscured glass provides privacy, an alternative is tinted glass that can reduce glare and solar heat gain while adding to the attraction of windows through patterns and colours. This can be achieved by applying tinted film to glass but a more permanent and satisfactory solution is using tinted glass.

Tinted glass reduces the impact of the sun and is suitable for warm climates where you cannot achieve ideal window orientation to avoid solar heat absorption. If you need advice on choosing the best and most appropriate type of glass, we’re here to help.

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