Myth – uPVC is not durable enough for Australian conditions. BUSTED!

One of the most common concerns when considering any upgrade to your home is the durability of the products you are using and their suitability for the environment. When researching products and materials you are likely to be confronted with a vast number of varying opinions and experiences and it helps to know the truth behind some of the noise.

If and when the conversation comes up in regard to windows, one thing is for certain, there will always be the question of durability. One type of material that always seems to be high on the list when it comes to criticism is uPVC. Commonly the main concern is something like “uPVC will discolor, become brittle, crack and warp in the harsh sun and UV conditions of Australia” and a quick internet search or a perusal of websites of other material manufacturers may help you support this claim, but is it the truth?

Put simply. No. At the end of the day, if you buy a poor-quality product, you get a poor-quality product, and it pays to do your research in reputable places. There are a couple of places to look. Firstly, have a look to make sure that the products meet the Australian Standards for Windows, AS2047. And secondly, are they certified under the Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme? If so, you are on the right track.

But to answer the question, how do we know that uPVC is more durable than people think? In some cases, lasting far beyond the lifespans of other materials on the market. Deceuninck uPVC windows (used by Ultimate Windows) have been used in the Middle East for over 50 years, many of which are still standing the test of time in their original homes. But how? The answer to this is simple, testing testing testing! The uPVC profiles and materials from Deceuninck and used by Ultimate Windows have been put through their paces and exposure tested by Allunga Exposure Laboratory to ensure they can stand up to what is going to be thrown at them over several years. Some of the ways the products are tested include:

  • UV weathering
  • Water penetration
  • Fire resistance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Air infiltration
  • Strength tests
  • Operation tests

All of these tests culminate in the materials being certified with the Australian Standard. It pays to do you research and find the best product for your needs. But we can safely say that with the combined years of working with and testing the material, it truly is a myth that uPVC is a less durable option when it comes to Window frames and Doors for the great Aussie climate.

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