Ultimate Windows – Window Installation

Ultimate Windows – Window Installation

To assist with the installation of our window frame we thought it pertinent to do up a short video to show our process for installing window frames in a new build. This installation is uPVC frames on a timber reveal into the timber framework for a brick veneer external finish. The method can also be used on a lightweight cladding finish also.

Builders spend a large amount of time and money on the windows for a project and this time and money needs to be up to scratch from the start to ensure that there is no more time or money spent on investigating a window or door system that is not working. AGWA (Australian Glass and Window Association) estimate that 80% of all complaints with a window system stem back to issues in the installation and care from the construction period.  so, at Ultimate Windows we are keen to circumvent this and have produced a short instructional video highlighting the key steps in the installation process.

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