Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing for Windows (2024)

If you’re looking for new windows, the choices available can be baffling. In particular, you may be undecided on the benefits of double glazing vs triple glazing so the following should help you choose.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing – What are the Differences?

Double glazing comprises two panes of glass per window while triple glazing has three. The panes are held securely in a frame with layers of insulating gas between them, typically argon.

The gas allows light to pass through but reduces the amount of heat that enters or escapes a room, thereby keeping the room more comfortable and saving on cooling and heating costs. Double glazed sliding doors typically reduces heat loss or gain by 75-80% compared to single-glazed windows while triple glazing makes even greater reductions.

Triple glazing is obviously thicker and heavier than double glazing although window frames are manufactured so they’re able to handle the extra weight. This means the windows themselves tend to be more durable and they’re also better at reducing noise from outside.

Double-Glazed vs Triple-Glazed Windows – How to Choose

When deciding on double vs triple glazing, you have several factors to consider. Triple glazing is better at maintaining a consistent temperature in a room due to having better thermal insulation. It may be particularly suitable for windows that get a lot of sun if you wish to keep the rooms cool, whereas double glazing may be better if you want to let more solar heat and light into your home.

If you live somewhere where noise is an issue, triple glazing is much more effective at reducing it. Double-glazed, laminated glass will typically reduce sound by 37 DB while triple glazing will achieve 40 DB. The way the decibel scale works, this difference is more significant than it seems.

How effective the windows are will depend on the type of glass used as well as the number of panes. Low E-glass tends to be the best and the additional low-emissive coating used on triple glazing is better at keeping heat out in summer and retaining it in winter.

Another thing to find out is the overall U-value that is provided by the combination of the glass and the window frame. This number is important as it will help you determine the effectiveness of the options available to you and give you a good cost vs benefit on the performance of the window and its glazing vs the cost. Also, pay attention to the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) this will tell you how much of the suns heat will get through the glazing. This is important to know if you for both summer and winter conditions. If you want to block as much solar heat as possible you go for a lower SHGC, if you want to let more through to heat in winter look for a higher number.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing Cost

Triple glazing understandably costs more than double glazing because each window has an extra pane of glass, an additional layer of insulating gas and a thicker frame. However, it is much more effective at providing heat insulation and so will be a better investment since it will reduce your heating and cooling costs for many years to come. triple glazed windows in Melbourne is also better for sound insulation and, with an extra layer of glass and thicker frames, offers increased security.

When buying, bear in mind that it’s not simply the number of panes that you need to consider. A window’s efficiency also depends on the type of energy efficient glass used, its thickness and any coatings, the space between each pane, the insulating gas and the material used for the frame. These will affect the cost but also the effectiveness of the window.

If you still have doubts, we can help you make the right choice.

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Hello James,

I have emailed you, but is some cases yes, in some no. it depends on the frames used. In the case of what we offer at Ultimate Windows there are applications where the glass can be changed from double to triple glazing but it is best to speak with the supplier of the frame you have.

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