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The design of the home in Langdon St, Port Arlington is one of the finest examples of using windows to maximise the wow factor. Bringing in the views of the natural environment and providing natural light in the process making the home open, inviting and unique. JM Homes Surf Coast and Ultimate Windows have partnered to provide the clients with an award-winning home.

JM Homes approached Ultimate Windows in mid-2019 to begin a relationship that would benefit and challenge the design and execution skills of both companies, ultimately ending in one of the most stunning homes

in the port Arlington area. The back and forth of plans, schedules and ideas was the hallmark of the relationship developed between the two companies. Ultimate Windows were focused on timely accurate communication, knowing the juggling act faced by builders with suppliers, deliveries, and subcontractors on site as well as client needs off site. This assisted in making the quoting process smooth but also allowing for JM Homes to make the most of the options available to them. The result was allowing the high-quality finishes of the home to be highlighted by the streaming light pouring in from the large windows.

Once quoted and the details were finalized the next challenge was logistics. Big windows and doors to be installed means close attention needs to be paid to the how and when of the project. Also factoring in the Rammed Earth feature walls of the project and accuracy and care also need to be provided. At the point of delivery JM Homes took over the installation of the window frames and doors. Once completed the team from Ultimate windows were back on site to glaze. The large glass panels that made up this job make the most of the sun to light the spaces and maintains its comfort by utilizing the design of Ultimate Windows uPVC frames there was no compromise on the energy rating for the home.

The thermal performance of the frames and glass combined allow the project to use large windows to capture the light from outside while still giving the clients an energy efficient home. With a U-value of between 2.3 and 2.4 and an SHGC of between 0.43 and 0.46 the windows and doors provided the thermal performance required to allow for maximum openings and light to enter the home while contributing to a 7-Star energy rating.

Aesthetically this home is incredible and Ultimate Windows is proud our product is integral to the result. Combining the large, fixed frames and awning openings the home makes the most of the sun to light the spaces and maintains its comfort by utilising the design of Ultimate Windows uPVC frames. The awesome stacker doors provide the perfect connection between the inside and outside areas while maintaining the generous amounts of light allowed by the large windows and large opening for traffic flow while the entertaining areas are in full use. The combination of the finishes and the windows in Ash Black work seamlessly together with the contrast of the dark widow frames and the natural tones throughout the home.

Ultimate Windows are thrilled to have been involved in this home and hope to continue our partnership with JM Homes for years to come. The logistics and installations came together and fostered a partnership that has seen JM Homes and Ultimate windows work side by side in several other projects since this one. The final result for us at Ultimate Windows has not just been the great home delivered to a great client but the relationship we have been able to build with JM Homes Surf Coast. Building relationships in the industry not only allow Ultimate to grow as a company but also allow us to learn and grow our knowledge of what is important to clients and builders alike to make sure that we meet the needs of these groups as they change.

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