A Guide to Energy Efficient Entry Doors

Glass entry doors have been popular in new builds and renovations for a long time, and it is easy to see why. They make the main portal into a home look modern and can enhance the overall aesthetic and ad some curb appeal. But what goes into a good entry door and how can you get both modern aesthetics and energy efficiency? We are going to take a deep dive into the benefits of glazed doors, their technical performance and what some of the options are when planning you’re a door for your project.

When looking at glass doors there is no hiding from the important role they play in the design and finish of a home build or renovation. The door is literally the first and last thing a guest will see and also be the focal point of the home from the street. With this in mind, it is important to understand the options available and how they will work with the overall design of the home. The benefit of this though is that you can make a statement by choosing the right door for your design and taste. Another benefit of a glazed door is the way glass can seamlessly blend the outside and the inside of the home. Coupling a glass door with floor to ceiling windows will let the view and light from the outside into your entry space allowing the transition between the two areas more natural. The benefits are not just in the look and feel, with uPVC and Double-Glazing there are also some technological benefits that you can take advantage of.

Ultimate Windows, uPVC, Hinged Doors provide the weathertightness of a gasket seal around the door leaf including the sill combined with the thermal performance of uPVC and glass insulation benefits of argon-filled double glazing. The benefit of the combination of technology allows the door to seal and insulate from the outside elements adding to the home’s efficiency. Ultimate Windows also uses reinforcement technology and multi-point locking to improve the strength seal and security of the doors.

The benefits are clear but what are the options when it comes to the doors? These range from full glass doors to fully solid door and most configurations in between, see some of our configurations at the end of this article. Our sales and estimating team are armed with the knowledge and ideas to give you a fully functional, secure, efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Don’t compromise on the energy efficiency of a door because you think you must give up the aesthetics of your entryway. You can have both the form and the function with double glazed uPVC entry doors from Ultimate Windows.

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