Single Vs Double Glazing

Single Glazing vs Double Glazing

One of the greatest considerations when building or renovating a home goes into the insulation and energy efficiency gains that can be made. One of the simplest and most effective solutions to this is to look at the windows and doors you are using in your project. This is where you have a few decisions to make regarding what will best suit your needs and achieve your goals relating to energy efficiency for your home. Whether it be a decrease in the energy costs for your home, increasing the comfort level in your home or both.

What is the difference between single and double glazing?

Single glazing is the standard that has been used in Australia for a very long time. Basically, single glazing consists of one panel of glass installed into the frame of the window. Double glazing consists of 2 panels joined together in an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) using a spacer, the spacer provides an air gap filled in most cases with a gas. This spacer and the gap it provides between the panels adds an extra layer of insulation that single glazing does not.

An IGU can be made up of various glass types and overall thicknesses providing various levels of comfort gains and energy efficiency. When combined with the right type of window frame this can have a huge impact on the overall energy rating of the project and provide benefit over and above the standard in Australia.

What do we recommend?

At Ultimate Windows we provide double glazing as a minimum standard in all our window frames. The IGU itself is made up using 2 panels of glass that can be coated in a variety of different coatings to suit differing needs of a project. All IGU’s are filled using argon gas providing increased insulation properties to the overall units.

Why is it important to choose the right frames?

Upgrading the glass for your windows and doors to double glazing is an important step in moving towards making your home as energy efficient as possible. But, it is also important to support this choice by also getting the most out of the frames holding the glass. Ultimate windows can support your choice with our range of uPVC frames. Thermally broken, made to order, and designed specifically for double glazing, our range will provide endless options for your project.

Things to remember:

  • Windows and doors play a huge part in the design of your home. Particularly for your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Single glazing is less effective in providing insulation from the Australian climate than double glazing.
  • There are various glass types that can go into an IGU. Speak to your glazier/manufacturer about your options for your project.
  • Make sure you support your glass choice with the most effective frame choice, thermally broken uPVC makes a huge impact in the performance of you windows and doors.

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