uPVC Double Glazing Windows and Doors




Ultimate Windows are very excited to be fabricating the future of residential windows in Australia, the Deceuninck suite of window and door products, one of the leading global designers and suppliers of uPVC windows and doors.


Windows and doors are a key design feature of your home, their style reflects your personality.

The Deceuninck window and door systems allow you to add a quality feel to your home whilst being energy efficient and among the most cost-effective systems on the market.

The window and door systems were designed and manufactured to feature high insulation values for the best energy performance and long-lasting, colour-fast finishes for years of low maintenance.


Did you know that 33% of heat loss at homes is through windows and doors?

The Deceuninck Windows and Door system benefit from PVC’s perfect insulation features in order to maintain a sustainable maximum insulation in today’s homes.

Weather-tightness and its resistance to driving rain is one of the main assets of Deceuninck windows and doors. They are ideal for installation in seaside locations and areas with extreme wind exposure where the salt air, strong wind and damaging weather has no effect on performance.


Along with its stylish looks the Deceuninck system offers:

  • amazing weather sealing for peace of mind,
  • ultra-low maintenance for ease
  • high security
  • greater sound insulation than almost all other window systems
  • thermal efficient insulation among the best rated windows available
  • fire safety to BAL 40
  • material & structural performance to allow for large window sizes
  • termite resistance (it’s not timber!)
  • maximum water tightness
  • maximum wind resistance
  • aesthetically pleasing design for a stylish home



UV resistance

The UV stabilising compound used in uPVC windows is Titanium Dioxide, Deceuninck windows and doors have the highest Titanium Dioxide component at 9%.  Deceuninck have been supplying to the Middle East for decades



Off Gassing

Given uPVC is an unplasticised hard PVC the material does not release gas (or ‘offgas’)


Double Length Guarantee – FREE!

We’re so confident of the quality of our uPVC windows in Australian conditions we double the length of our guarantee to 10 years instead of the industry standard 5 years.



Deceuninck Windows are available in a range of great colours:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Ash Black


  • Silver


  • Jasper


  • Golden Oak Woodgrain


  • Nut Tree Woodgrain



Come in and see the colours for yourself!



Deceuninck window and door systems offer a range of different window and door styles and expanses. Contact us to discuss your next build.


Tilt & Turn, Casement & Awning windows


  • User friendly, modern and secure.
  • Harnessing the advantages of symmetric profile, Deceuninck windows provide the same visible aesthetics both from the inside and the outside of your house. Open or closed; Deceuninck windows will become part of your personal style.
  • Offering Protection and Security Deceuninck’ s high-security hardware and excellent frame strength gives you that peace of mind.




Below is a great video example by one of our suppliers – FSA:



  • Beautifully designed, It’s also unequalled in strength, security and fully guaranteed to perform as well in years to come as it does today.
  • Solid and substantial hinges
  • One – piece multi point locking system
  • Effectively secured lock technology
  • Security locking strikers
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanisms with a key and/or lever operators.


Sliding Doors

  • Effortlessly smooth sliding and beautifully impressive sliding doors create a vast amount of unimaginable space along with inviting contemporary character and comforting glass wall ambiance to any ordinary room. Deceuninck sliding – slide elements open rooms in a most elegant and efficient manner.
  • All elements can be pushed aside very easily, creating sufficient space to exit.
  • Opening width up to 5.6 m
  • Up to 4 movable elements can be arranged in any desired combination.
  • Ball – bearing roller gives smooth running.










Lift & Slide

  • Complete freedom of movement. Deceuninck Lift & Slide System expands interior spaces and easily opens them to the outside world. The system makes your space weather-proof, protecting you against the elements while forming a transparent wall with comfort and spaciousness
  • You can choose the number, dimension and function of each section based on your specific requirement.
  • These systems are available as two or four parts or in a combination of fixed and movable parts, in white or other decorative colors.
  • Deceuninck Lift & Slide can be applied with several glass thicknesses (maximum glass thickness is 38 mm). The system is highly-durable to hot or cold weather elements, rain, moisture and provides the best solutions for architectural projects requiring wide openings.


Below is a great video from one of our suppliers – FSA


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