How Much Does Double Glazing Cost In Melbourne?

Double Glazing Costs Are Only Partially Why They Are Growing in Popularity

Thermally broken aluminium is commonly used for double-glazed windows in Australia. However, uPVC is becoming increasingly popular and is gradually superseding aluminium as the material of choice, and, it is obvious why.

Comparing uPVC and Aluminium Windows

There are several reasons uPVC is becoming more popular and double glazing windows cost in Melbourne is only a part of this. uPVC is, nevertheless, extremely affordable and usually available at a lower price than aluminium windows with similar performance.

The popularity of aluminium windows has been largely due to them being lightweight and easy to install, having a slim profile, being available in a range of colours and being more durable than wood frames. Their long life and resistance to corrosion and warping have made them a good investment.

Although they have many benefits, thermally broken aluminium frames do have some disadvantages when compared to uPVC. They are more difficult to keep clean and are susceptible to corrosion, particularly from salt, which means they’re not suitable for coastal areas.

The main problem with aluminium windows is they’re made from metal, which has a relatively high thermal conductivity. This means they aren’t as efficient at keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter, so they won’t reduce your energy bills by anything like the same amount as uPVC. The greater thermal conductivity can also lead to a build-up of mould, which is difficult to remove, and higher levels of noise.

uPVC windows have a multi-chamber construction and so have much better thermal insulation and therefore are extremely energy efficient. They reduce external noise, are very easy to clean and won’t rot, corrode, warp, fade or otherwise deteriorate in appearance. And because they’re steel reinforced, they’re fire resistant and are suitable for areas that are prone to bushfires.

Quality Double Glazing at an Affordable Price

The growing popularity of uPVC windows means they’re in demand so you need to choose carefully to get exactly what you need from a supplier you can trust and at a price you can afford. We are a well-established and reputable supplier and will always ensure you get the windows that are best for you.

Unlike some suppliers, we design, manufacture, and install the windows in Australia rather than buying in and using sub-contractors to install them. That means we, Ultimate Windows, have full control of the complete process and can ensure the high quality of our products and that they’re always installed properly so you get optimum benefits.

The cost of uPVC windows, as for aluminium, depends on their size, style, and shape as well as where they’re installed. The double glazed window prices in Melbourne can range from $800 to $2,000 per window, depending on these factors. Because of that, we’ll always conduct a thorough inspection and measure of your property and then custom make each window, so it fits perfectly.

You are, of course, perfectly entitled to obtain alternative quotations, including for aluminium windows. But we’re confident we’ll provide the best solution at a competitive price and will provide absolute comfort and savings on energy bills for many years. Plus, of course, you’ll have windows that will enhance the appearance of your property.

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