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Providing the ability to truly connect an outdoor and indoor living space, the Ultimate Windows Lift & Slide Door is a must consider for any project involving indoor and outdoor living. The thermal performance of the frame and the ease of use also puts the lift and slide on the list for energy efficient design and function. These factors combine to make this the one of the most versatile and efficient doors on the market.

Designed to make the most of large openings while providing maximum comfort the Lift & Slide remains easy to use and highly durable. By simply turning the handle of the door you lift the sash off the seals and on to the rollers reducing the friction and wear on these components and making the sash glide open or closed. This is made possible by the high-quality design of the frame and sash materials which include:

  • 5-chamber insulation technology
  • High wind resistance and water tightness
  • High level of stability and reinforcement in both frame and sash
  • Barrier free rail systems

Even large sash sizes move with ease thanks to the specialized hardware built into the door system that provides easy operation and great security. The Lift & Slide can be used in both new buildings and renovations. With threshold options to suit both applications and maintain the performance of the door.

Bigger sash size means bigger glass panels. This allows for more light and better views from your doors. The Lift & Slide really ties the natural light into a room but allows for easy access from the inside to the outside spaces. Making the best of the natural light gains without compromising the function of the space. The Lift & Slide comes in a range of colours and there are screening options available making the door that little bit more versatile for your space and further tying together the inside and outside.

For a solution that provides great natural light, views, and performance you cannot miss the Lift & Slide in your considerations. Providing style, comfort, security, and excellent energy performance the lift and slide will take any project to the next level by transforming the space by connecting the indoors to the outdoors.



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