Electric Winders

Electric Winders

When installing the Lockwood Elevation electric winding windows supplied by Ultimate Windows the following key points should be referred to to ensure the unit will perform post installation:

  1. The actuator will be mounted to the bottom of the frame and will be wired to a power supply. This will need to be powered within 1m to the window.
  2. You will have a network cable wired to the actuator this will be fitted with a resistor at each end.  This will come with 6 to 8 meters of cable (from the actuator to the network adaptor). If you need to extend the distance from the window to the switch this is the cable you need to extend. DO NOT extend any other components of the provided set up.
  3.  The Network adaptor will be wired to the switch DO NOT extend this wiring, it can only be a maximum of 1m long.
  4. The network adaptor will also have a power adaptor that will need to be powered within 1m to the network adaptor.

Please see the suppliers wiring diagram here.

See also our walkthrough video:

Please note all the above information pertains to the Lockwood Elevation Winders as supplied by Ultimate Windows. For more information regarding any other winders used for custom requirements please contact us directly.

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