Digital Locks – Why you need one.

Digital Locks – Why you need one for your home

The digital age has been with us for a while with advancements in tech driving most of our daily interactions, but one part of our daily life has taken a while to catch up. While we insist our cars have remote locking, keyless entry and even a push button start, we still fumble for our house key with the groceries in one hand and our phone in the other. So why have we not made the switch to digital for our home locking system?

Like all new technology for the most part, we want to see it in action, before we take the leap and trust it to protect all our worldly possessions and (most importantly) our family’s safety. So, we thought we would make up a list to help you summarise the benefits of a digital lock for your entry doors.

Increase Security

Of course, smart locks are connected to networks, and you need to make sure you have your passwords up to date and the apps driving them fully updated also. But think of the risk you are eliminating by removing a physical key from the equation. GONE is the spare key under the pot plant, GONE is the risk of giving a key to someone and not getting it back and GONE is having to make a spare key, ever again.

Forgetting to lock the door is not an issue anymore, with digital locks able to be programmed to lock after you exit. Forgetting to lock the door behind you is no longer as worrying as it once was.

You can track access, you issue the codes, and each code can be set to be used at certain times. The use of a code also leaves a digital footprint. So, you can see who has used the lock and when.

Use your smartphone

Most digital locks will be programmed by an app on your smart phone. Let’s face it most of us are either glued to the phone or it is always nearby. Especially if we are out of the house. Having your smart lock programmed from your phone gives you the ability to add or remove access to your home from wherever you are. Have a package you want left inside the door? Add temporary access to the delivery driver.

Simple management of access options

Digital locks offer various opening types to suit the user and provide the ability to add an remove access to these options simply and quickly. You can add users by:

  • Key, for the old-school people in your life, there is always a key option.
  • Phone, the simplest way to access and can be set up as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on the lock and the user preference.
  • Fob, some locks come with a fob that can be tapped for access. Providing access that can be deactivated where a key cannot.
  • Fingerprint, the easiest way to give access to an individual, some smart locks can add fingerprint access to provide access to an individual that cannot be shared.
  • Code, depending on the lock a code can be issued to an individual for access.

For all the methods except the key, digital locks will enable the manager or owner of the lock the ability to switch on and off access via an app or management system. Most will also be able to grant timed access or temporary access for access at certain times. Important for households with cleaners or for properties used as AirBnB or temporary accommodation.


With so many digital lock options available now there is no shortage of stylish options to enhance the look of your homes entry door. Not only is it fashionable to show off the latest tech for your home the options on the market allow for you to add a feature to the entrance that gives the look of quality and security.

Investment management

If you have an investment property, the security of the building is always a concern. Adding a digital lock to the common areas allows the addition and removal of residents quick and easy without the need for replacing lock barrels and keys. Making sure only who you want or need to access parts of a building is also easily managed using codes or fingerprints depending on the situation.

Cost effective

The price is always a question people will ask when it comes to adding a new feature to any project or upgrade to a home. Sometimes the cost vs benefit between the security and the price will be a deterrent in upgrading. But you will be surprised how little digital locks will cost in the overall cost of replacing a door in your home. Adding security and access management to your home may not be as cost prohibitive as you think.

Ultimate Windows – Smartlock

At Ultimate windows we have done the research for you and have a digital lock that is easily added or retrofitted to our entry door systems. See the video below for more information and ask your sales team member to add one to your quote.

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